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Al-Gazelle Factories , Owned and managed by Samer Shehadeh , are specialized in The Production Of Lebanese Foodstuffs, Tahini, Sweetness Of All Kinds . Founded in 1989, ISO 22000 & ISO 22005 & ISO 10002 Certified , FDA Registered (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) .The Tahini Is among the raw ingredient of the Lebanese Cuisine . It Is mixed with Chickpeas ( famous Lebanese Homos dish ), Eggplant, Carob Molasses And Tajin ....Our Tahini Products Are Free From Preservatives And Bleaching Chemicals , made of Pure Sesame Tahini at 100% .Halawa Is Considered One Of The Traditional Lebanese Sweets, And It Is Also Free from Preservatives And Chemical Bleaches .We Export Our Products To USA, Germany, Canada, Qatar, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates , Senegal , Ivory cost . Our Factories Keep Pace With the Development To keep the High Quality Food . Our Constant Goal Is Consumer Satisfaction.

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